Sunday, September 20, 2009

Women take their anger out on the men they like the most.

Even if it sounds downright wacky, women tend to express their anger at the men they love most. Think of it this way: Women can express their anger and do not hesitate to show the parties most petty and ugly themselves to men they really trust.

women who castrating men for fun
As much as it sucks to have a woman like you be angry and attack you, it probably feels free enough with you to express that part of herself because she cares about you and hope you will.

Are we saying that you should beat the she out of you? No way, Jose. We say that most men do not know how to handle an angry woman, and it might give you some comfort in the face of attack by a woman, whether she did this in part because she has confidence in you.

In addition, women often test people to see how committed they are, and how it is safe for them to express themselves by being angry. Women do this to see how you react. Do you yell back? Do you run away? Their attack is a test to see how you react.